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Eternal Blood

Private Eye into a Black and Sinister World

Loraine Coyle
11 March
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Loraine is a sluth, a detective, a 'dic'. For most of her life she aimed to be this, the little girl who walked around with a badge and a toy gun pretending to take out big baddies in the name of truth and rightness.

But Lor grew up, and she grew up real fast.

Quickly becoming a detective, specializing in mysterious and brutal crimes Lor became a secluded woman. Refusing to relinquish much of what she learns to her partners Lor has begun to enter a world she no longer knows. The world beneath the one she's been living in for so long.

Aimed with a swift wit, a keen eye for details and 'honor' she hunts. Lor has been hunting, probably for far to long now, for a truth that seems to darken her dreams at night and her vision by day.