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Time for a Revival!

Loraine walked towards Magnus' new residence with a seductive stride in her step.

She felt... different.

The encounter earlier seemed ot have changed her somewhat. She just felt so different. Like Loraine could take on the world and win. She smirked a little at the thought, remembering how weak she had been only a little earlier.

The Slayer's stench still lingered on her clothing though and it bothered Loraine. She would have loved to be completely clean of it but it seemed ot linger in her blood, swirl and mix with her own. So envigoarating, so strong.

She craved more but the body was dead. Loraine woudln't drink of dead blood. In a way she wished to hunt more, more like that girl but pushed the thoght aside for now. All she wanted to see Magnus, to be with him.

There was no wine now, as the young Vampire had intended. A romantic evening with her lover but they didn't need wine.
Just him.

Opening the door and entering the building silently she moved through the hallway with a new ease and stealth she barely even took notice to. Everything was just so much easier, her sense sharpened ten fold.

"Magnus?" She called out slowly, listening for any movement.
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(no subject)

Loraine brushed the hair from her eyes. It was windy that night, windier then normal. She thoughta storm was coming but couldn't be sure.

She'd left her weapon at home, didn't bother because nowadays Loraine felt safer.

'Magnus?' Her voice called to him on that connection as she started to walk away from the docking areas. She'd gone to clean up the mess she'd left the week before, and strangely it wasn't there. It irked her slightly, but not enough to make Loraine really upset.

'Where are-' The thought was cut off as Loraine heard a sound. From it a thin... crossbow bolt slipped past her frame, slicing her jacket as she moved out of the way.

"What the hell?" She heard scuffling and then it was gone. Coming out of hiding Loraine looked around. She found foot prints of mud, chestnut shells in the mud led Loraine's keen mind to quick assumption it wasn't from this area.


'Magus, love. We need to talk in person. Now would be best. Meet me.' After explainig where she was Loraine walked the warehouses a few times, finding the shaft and making her way back to where she planned to meet her lover.

This concerned Loraine, concerned her a fair bit.
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Time for SOMTHING to happen (if it's a long shot-tell me so and I'll edit)

"You've got tobe kidding me..." Loraine stood above the body of a drained teenager.

That wasn't the worst part.

"MY FUCKING DAUGHTER IS DEAD AND YOU'RE TELLING ME TO STAY CALM!? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU DO IN THIS DAMN CITY?? FUCK AROUND WHILE MY CHILD, MY DAUGHTER DIES??" Loraine looked at the prosecutor, and angry cold hearted man and now he knew what it was like to loose.
Loraine thought she should be laughing, if it wasn't for the fact that she knew what did it.


A sickening feeling entered her, starting at the pit of her stomach and working it's way up. She didn't understand it, why did she have to deal with this?? Why couldn't they give these damn cases to someone else.
"Thats twelve Loraine. Twelve in under six months. Twelve we know about. Fix this, or your off the case and out of my precinct.

That wasn't the worst part.

Loraine walked slowly down the street, back and forth over the crime scene. How long would she have to linger, pretending to look for information, pretending to not understand, not know.
"...fuck..." Kicking the wall, her foot ached, but the dent in the brick looked strange to her.

"Something wrong detective?" Loraine spun around to feel something grab her by the shoulders and knock her to the ground, her face planted hard into the cement as someone, something pinned her.
"She tasted sweet, then again I'm sure you did too when your master took you. Tell me, why do you still help our meals walk around. Why do you still pretend to protect them?" Loraine stared at the pavement until she was flipped to face a man that looked much like a junki to her but there was no heartbeat and the blood dripping from his lips was unmistakably fresh.

Loraine was furious, yet she couldn't be strong enough to fight a vampire... could she?
"Son of a bitch."
Pushing with all her strength she lifted the vampire off her and slammed him hard into the wall once she found her footing. His nails slashed across Loraine's face, blood dripping from wounds that faded a moment later. But when she blinked, distracted by the pain his knee came up into Loraine's side, doubling over as his hard fist slammed hard into her nose.

Skidding back a few steps she caught her balence and in one smooth fluid movement propelled herself towards him again. Spinnning Loraine around the vampire caught her between himself and the wall, his hands at her throat, contricting the air from her lungs.

But Loraine didn't need air like she once had. Angry her arms came down hard, the vampire's bone snapping and shattering under the force. A wail entered the air as he staggered away from Loraine. Furious still she slammed her fist into his face but grabbed his collar, knee breaking his nose once, twice, three times before dropping him to the ground.

"Stupid bitch..." he cursed at her spitting blood at her feet while pulling a knife from his pocket. Loraine pulled her gun, let one shot off into is shoulder but the vampire dug the knife hard into her side, deep, twisting the blade. She groaned in pain but was still able to move.

Grabbing his hand holding the knife Loraine pulled it from her, her strength more then his but only by a bit. Yet the vampire wasn't injured centrally as Loraine was and with his free hand grabbed her wound and tugged on the flesh.
Loraine screamed but the sound was muffled by the city's sounds. Tossed into a pile of crates wood splintered in her arm, her side and leg. Cursing she wrenched in from her flesh, pain searing but rage filled her.

Loraine hated this creature. Hated what it was, what it had done. What it would do. All that rage and frustration, all that confusion swarmed in her head unifying into one clear final thought.

Kill the vampire.

Standing her eyes focussed as he ran at her again the knife in his hand. He motioned a down ward slash, missed. Upwards, sliced Loraine's chest and clothing but as his hand was high she grabbed the vampire's wrist.

"Fuck you." A slow drawn out whisper as she spun the vampire and shoved him down in the pile of jutting crates. Wood impaled him in three different spots, neck, chest and abdoman. A guttural sound left his lips but there was no motion, the body lying there limply.

Staggering back a few steps Loraine could feel her wounds closing, but not fast enough.
She needed to feed.

"...no...no more..." Loraine refused, her mind made up. Staggering down the road she clutched her clothing close to her trying to hide the blood from on lookers. Dawn was fast approaching and she needed somewhere to hide for the night.

Loraine's first thought was Magnus but the realization of what she'd done made her sick to her stomach. So, running as fast as she could in her state, Loraine reached the docking area, warehouses tall and dark.

Once inside a small office in one of the buildings blinds drawn and windows closed Loraine peeled off her jacket and shirt. Dark blood stained her, the wounds taking time to heal but the fresh air on made them feel better.
Finding a seat she lay back closing her eyes.
Just one night... if I can handle just one night... Her hunger swelled, brimming in her mind as she remembered her kills with a sickening distaste and rage with herself.

Just... one night....
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(no subject)

Loarine stirred awake, the sun still creeping through, just barely, through the shades. It was from there she could see it setting by the arm orange it shone onto her carpet.

A gentle longing to see it ached, but the young vampire pushed it aside as a disturbing hunger stilled over her. The taste of the girls blood still lingered on her breath. But she was then quickly reminded of the dead body in her bedroom.

Pulling her finger from Magnus she watched his face a moment, his features so different when he wasn't awake. Soft lips pressed against his forehead as she rose from the bed. Loraine pulled clear her shirt and her bra as she walked casually into the bedroom, at first ignoring the corpse.

But after changing and showering she came back out and rest her hands on her hips, looking at the body. Lor's head tilted to one side, then the other then back up.
"What am I going to do with you?"

Grinning she looked back out into the living room to see Magnus still on the bed. She grinned before returning to his side, slipping onto the bed her legs straddling his hips, Loraine leaning forward and kissing him harder then before, more to wake then anything else.
'Evening love.'
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Wanna know who's been a bitch??

I'm am sooo terribly sorry. My week has been hell. Literal Hell. I'm behind on everything I need to do before I move and alas, you are all suffering from my lack of presence on this roleplay.

(YA riiiight)

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So yes. I will try and get on when I can, but no promises.

Many sorrys and apolagies for my stupid-ness.

Loraine~Goes to Magnus of course. Who else could take her?? she loves him. L.O.V.E.S. him. Only he can have her!!
Curtus~If Valentine would like she can have him, but I doubt she would. Just as an option. Don't think He'll be needed but hey! you never know.

Lots of lurv!

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Open Third. OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the first time in about a week the young woman strode into work.

"Well I'll be... Thought you were dead!" Loraine looked at the man a moment a grin touching her lips.

"Just... a little more relaxed chief." She pat the man on the shoulder and walked to her desk. Alla round her she could smell Lycans, far more then she'd have imagined. All their prying eyes were watching her so carfully.
They could smell she wans't human anymore.

If anything it only made Loraine smile brighter as she sat in her shair and kicked her feet up on her desk as the chief tossed a file down.
"Up for some night life?" Loraine looked up at him, her fangs glissening in her mischievious grin.
"You have no idea."
"Good. We're looking to find some leads. You've had your time off but now it's back to the salt mines. There's a group of warehouses down by the docks and I want you to 'investigate.' That is what I pay you for isn't it Coyle?" Loraine pretended to look heartbroken as the chief pushed her fete off the desk.
"But Sir! I've done my very very best." His eyes narrowed as he pushed off the desk, shaking his head.
"Shut up Coyle and get your pretty ass out of my precinct." Loraine laughed, after giving her chief a pouty look.
"Yes SIR!" Leaving the file on the table she slid out of the chair and walked from the room, confidence seething from each and every step.

"Coyle!" He called after her, the young vampire turning to face him.
"Forgetting soemthing?" he glanced to the desk across from hers, a young man sitting in it's chair.
"Nope. Not a thing. I work alone now." Winking she waved goodbye as Loraine left the building, the even younger detective looking confused.

Loraine slipped the drown suade coat over her shoulders. Not because she was cold, but because it looked strange to be walking down a dark street in a simple sleeveless top. Just didn't feel right.

It hadn't taken long to reach the docking area, warehouses stacking tall like apartment buildings as the quarter moon hung high. It was a nice night, cooler then most, but still nice as Loraine dawdled between the warehouses. She was supposed to be looking for people out at this time of night.
'Strange activity'. Was what she was told to watch out for. Basically it was to keep her out of trouble, trouble that seemed to consume Loraine's life.

Shoving her hands in her pockets Loraine sighed.
"Well this was a waste of time..." The words were whispered but seemed to boom and echo in her own ears. Feeling bored, and her hunger pressing back into her mind Loraine reached the docking area to look out over the seemingly black water.

Alrighty. This is an open third for anyone who wishes to cross the looovely path of young Vampire Ms. Loraine. As per usual I'm sure Magnus, love, I've no part in this! She's doing this without my consent!!! will want his 'Girl'. No problem! i'll be happy to oblidge, but this is open to others as well. Like Trin said, we need to work on getting more plotsies and whatnot going so this is open to all and any. PLEASE take advantage. I'm on often(ish) so yes.

Plus I love making plot. LOVE IT! So feel free to bug me. No stalking! Magnus said no stalking....

~Happy hunting,
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Loraine's eyes flickered open. A soft groan left her lips but the realization of where she was, what had happened didn't sink in.

"Well well, looky what we have here." Her eyes faded into focus on the man before her. The rather fat man.
"Cheif?" She said groggily before jolting up.
"Slow down Coyle. You gave us all one hell of a scare. Jumping off buildings and whatnot..."

Loraine's eyes widened.
What time was it?
"I...I don't understand." But the early nights happensing flashed before her.

The coffee shop.
The Lycan.
The building.


"I need to-" Loraine tried to move but her side seered with pain as she touched the bandage.
The Lycan...
"I don't know what the hell attacked you Coyle, but it nearly killed you. Blood and whatnot. Doc said you were done, but here you are a few hours later popping up and ready to jump the gun." Loraine couldn't help but smile. The man was a good friend, but she couldn't tell him.

"I don't remember. Really.. if I did Cheif-"
"I know I know. You'd write me a ten page report." he offered her a comforting smile before his voice lowered.

"Look, we couldn't find you. We all got a bit worried. With Dave killed... and then this attack. Coyle-Loraine-" It felt strange for her to hear her name used so seriously. Forboding.
"What's going on Kid? I'm worried, hell I'm about ready to have a heart attack! Tell me Loraine, I'm here to help."

Unsure of what to say she shook her head.
"If I knew I'd tell you. But I'm fine. Really. Just fine. I need to go though... somethings I need to clear up and a friends waiting up for me."

"Loraine I don't think you understand." His hand wrapped around her arm. "You almost died. They had you pegged and were planning to tag you by morning. Somehow you lived and I don't want you to go off and screw that up. Stay. At least for today. Please."

Nodding softly Loraine lay back against her pillow.
"Get some rest." He told her before leaving the roo and turning out the light in the small hospital.

As soon as the door closed she was up and moving to put her jacket on. Her shirt was torn, blood seeping from the side wound and a rather large gash on her forehead, badaged as well.
Opening the door just a crack she looked into the hallway. There were three of her fellow staff members speaking with the captain.

"Window it is..." she whispered to herself closing the door and moving to the window at the other side of the room.
It didn't open easily but eventually she jarred it open, her side wound splitting open slightly, the detective wincing from the pain. Strong arms lifted her out onto the rather steep roof where she slid to the edge and let herself hang before dropping two stories to the ground.

Rolling she stiffled a painfull scream by biting down on her lip, blood slipping into her mouth. It took Loraine a few minutes before she could stand, her body remaining curled in a ball to push away the pain.

But then she started slowly down the street, looking a terrible mess. She covered her abdoman wounds with her jacket, but her head had started to bleed again as she stumbled past strange people, praying she could keep focus and find her way back to Magnus.
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Coffee Shop Dreaming

OOC: Time to Rp with myself! WOOOT!

Read if you're at all interested in Loraine or Curtus. Hehe His intensions (eventually) Revealed!

It was her first night in a few that she'd been away from Magnus. Loraine felt empty somehow, needing of him. She knew it wasn't a need, a want more like but that didn't change the way it felt.

Drinking the coffee it helped her stay awake.
Two days now. No sleep. She'd gone for longer but with the running and the excitement... not to mention the mind blowing sex, Loraine was getting tired out.

Can't sleep... not now.

Taking a deep breath she let her head rest down on the table, thinking of Magnus and dangerously once again of being turned.
I'd be with him forever...

Slowly... softly her eyes began to drift shut. She tried to fight it but Loraine was too tired now. Too exhausted.
Coffee, pep pills... even simple tricks didn't keep ger awake.

Slowly, soo slowly they closed until the world was a black muffled haze.

And the nightmare's began again.
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